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Mindset and Marketing- the Key to Business Success?

A Collaborative blog with Shavojn from She’s Abundant

Welcome to our first blog of 2024! Instead of the old NEW YEAR, NEW ME line, we are focusing on NEW YEAR, NEW GROWTH and what better way to kick start the year than a collaborative piece with Shavojn an expert Mindset & Business Coach.

But first, what is mindset... We asked google and this is the textbook definition.

But lets explore the insights that Shavojn has to share.


"As business owners, entrepreneurs and CEO powerhouses we are the leaders in our niches. And if you’ve been around for a hot minute, you will know that nothing creates faster personal growth than choosing this path. But are you being as intentional about your mindset as you are about your marketing? If not, here are a few reasons why you should consider being more proactive.

Sales in business don’t only grow from a great marketing strategy

You could have the best sales and marketing strategy but if the energy isn't behind it, it will likely fall flat. This is especially true if you’re a personal brand or at the helm of the business. The fact is up to 90% of the results we see in life (and business) are a result of what is happening in our subconscious mind. A lot of what is running in our subconscious is due to the experiences and evidence we build up over our lifetime. This forms our values, beliefs and identities. For example, if you are launching an offer but you don’t believe people will buy, then you will create a self-fulfilling prophecy… and get very little sales.

There’s a security guard in your mind turning away 95% of the information around you

Your conscious mind is like a REALLY popular nightclub. There is so much information flowing around us at any one time, up to 2.3 million bits of information per second! The security guard's, or critical faculty's, job, is to delete, distort and generalise that information. And it will do this to anything that doesn’t align with our values, identity and beliefs. This means as little as 130 bits gets through and creates our conscious reality. This is why it’s so important that our subconscious is on board with our goals! If not, we miss vital information, opportunities and evidence that determines business success. We want to make sure that our security guard is letting in things that are aligned with our goals and big vision (our VIPs)!

You can reprogram your subconscious mind!

The good news is that we can reprogram our subconscious mind to get it on board with business success. I work with my clients' subconscious to change limiting beliefs and patterns stopping them from getting results. We do this using techniques such as Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis and emotional freedom techniques (EFT or tapping). Making shifts at the identity level and creating fast, long-lasting change.

If you can take just one thing away from this article it should be this: your subconscious beliefs turn into thoughts, thoughts turn into behaviours, and behaviours turn into actions, which create your results.

Now imagine how effective your marketing will be when your mindset is truly on board with everything you want to achieve…"


So on the back of Shavojn's beautifully written piece, I would like to share my own personal story with mindset and how it has helped me progress my career at Raven Digital Co.

Being a small business who launched under 12 months ago, I was sort of winging it. Although having a background in social media marketing for 4 years before launching, to tell you the truth, RDC was born somewhat of an 'accident'.

But let's rewind. In March 2023, the cost of living was rising, I was a single home owner on the verge of drowning with interest rates and all that jazz, I decided to start freelancing just to pay some bills. My very first client, (who is still with me today) was truly the one soul who made me pursue this career into something special by switching my mindset completely. I kicked my ass into gear and obtained my diploma in social media marketing (to which I sped through because I already knew the industry... but the piece of paper matters right?)

I dedicated months into growing my audience on socials, investing the extra $$ I had into paid ads, I worked tirelessly to network in my area and 10 months later, my client base is thriving, I am now on the verge of quitting my full time job to focus on my marketing business full time. I have just hired my first staff member AND I am looking into commercial lease spaces.

This was all possible through a mindset switch from 'I need to pay some bills' to 'I am a f*cking boss b*tch and this business is going to make it!'

I mean it also helps that I am a marketer so my strategy and efforts have paid off as well, but it all intertwines together.

So if this blog can shift just one person's mindset, I consider that a success! But most business women aren't as lucky as I was to have found my Fairy Godmother (I mean.. the client who really helped me shift my thoughts). Some of us just need that little push in the right direction.

So, If you’re a powerhouse woman in business who is ready to elevate your mindset and unlock your next level then book a 90-minute, one-on-one Business Alignment Session with Shavojn today!

Instagram: @shes.abundant

AND if you mention this collaborative blog at the time of booking in with Shavojn, you'll receive 15% off your session.

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