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Paid Ads

ads strategy
ads strategy
paid ads

This service if for you if you have grown an organic social media presence and now you are looking at investing into some paid advertisements to be displayed across Instagram and Facebook. 


meta ads manager

Meta Ads Setup

This is the service for you if you need the tech setup done but want to manage your ads on your own. 


meta ad manager

Setup and ongoing meta ads management

We handle the tech setup and manage your ads ongoing. The pricing for ongoing management depends on how many campaigns you have. Let's jump on a call to discuss your ad goals.


meta ad manager

Self-paced training

If you are looking to set up your own retargeting campaign but you don't have the budget to hire an agency, this option might be for you. We have created a step by step masterclass to guide you along the way. Join now!

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What is an appropriate budget?

The higher the budget, the better. But for small business, the absolute bare minimum per week you should be spending is $150 per week per campaign. Anything less than this, you are likely to get zero results. 

When is the right time to invest in ads?

We recommend growing an organic audience first and having your website setup correctly first. We do not recommend investing in paid ads as soon as you launch your business. 

Can you guarantee sales?

No, sales are not guaranteed. There are too many factors which come into play with ads. Results vary between industries and organisation setups.

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