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AI and Social Media in 2023

It is no secret that AI (artificial intelligence) has come in hot in the last few years, more so in 2023 and has turned the world upside down with its abilities. This, coming with a fear that AI will replace jobs around the globe has sent us into a little bit of a panic.

There are so many variants of AI, however in this blog, I want to focus on Chat GPT and what we should, and should not be using this for in business.

When I was first introduced to AI, a colleague of mine showed me Chat GPT and my initial reaction, much like yours was 'My job will become obsolete'. 6 months down the track, my opinion has changed to 'How can I incorporate this tool into my work?'

Let me share my findings with you for two main categories affected by this.

1. Social Media AI Copy

I have seen this the most over the last 6 months. Businesses are asking chat GPT to write captions for instagram, TikTok captions, Website copy, blog posts, ad copy and so much more. I hate to say this but, we can tell. Which means your audience can tell.

Your true loyal target audience can absolutely differentiate between a caption that has been written by yourself or if it has been copy & pasted from Chat GPT. You lose your tone of voice and everything that makes your business unique. As humans, we crave personal interaction and copying straight from Chat GPT is a great way to lose your loyal valued customers / clientele.

Alongside this, particularly with web copy and blog posts. You want to be incorporating keywords into your copy with SEO purposes and this is one thing Chat GPT cannot do for you.

2. Social Media AI Hashtags

Another one which is SUPER easy to ask Chat GPT to do is write 5-30 instagram hashtags relevant to a keyword. The only problem with this is, Chat GPT is literally making these up as you are asking. It is not researching the tags beforehand to ensure they are relevant for your business.

After testing this out myself, I have found that 95% of the hashtags Chat GPT is generating, don't even exist, or do exist with very little traffic. These are not trending hashtags,

A big red flag.

If you are bothering with hashtags, you want to be using the best hashtags that are relevant to your niche, and your post! Chat GPT hashtags are not going to help you get seen and ultimately is just spam copy at the end of your caption. On the off chance that these tags are used across socials, there is a possibility that you are going to be attracting the wrong crowd.

What can I use Chat GPT for?

I know the above may seem like a shock to the system so let's run through what we can use Chat GPT for when it comes to businesses on social media.

  • Generating ideas for content. Not writing the content for you.

  • Educating yourself on a topic.

If you have the time and tend to be a little tech savvy, I suggest starting off small by playing around with Chat GPT and seeing how you can pull information from this resource which will help you with your socials.

Remember, AI is all data. Therefore it does not have that human touch that we all need from social media. You absolutely cannot replace your captions and tags with social media AI written copy and expect to grow from it.

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