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5 Reasons why you don't want a $50 business logo

A Collaborative blog with Mok Creative

Hello, readers! I'm Samantha, the founder of Raven Digital Co. I'm excited to share some insights on a topic that's close to my heart – the significance of a well crafted logo in building a strong brand identity.

Your logo is the visual embodiment of your business. It's the mark that sets you apart from others, the symbol that communicates your story, values, and mission in a single glance. A great business logo can leave a lasting impression and make your brand memorable, but here's the catch, not all logos are created equal.

That's why I'm collaborating with Monik at Mok Creative, a talented branding expert, to shed light on why opting for a $50 company logo might not be the wisest choice for you. Here's what Monik has to say.


"We’ve all wanted something cheap before. I’m all for shopping around to find a bargain, however, there is a time and a place when to compromise on quality. Here’s what you might not know about $50 business logo designs…

  1. It’s too cheap. You can’t buy many great things with $50, let alone a brand identity, something that reflects your business values, and successfully communicates to your target audience.

  2. It’s not enough time dedicated to your brand. $50 is maybe 2hrs of work. There’s still an hour of the movie Avatar to go! You don’t want your branding process rushed. Time is needed for some strategy!

  3. It’s unoriginal. Some designers sell template logos for cheap. Although this serves a purpose for some businesses to get started, it shouldn’t be an end goal for your branding.

  4. It’s limited. Especially with your deliverables. $50 may only get you one jpeg image. A single jpeg is not enough. Honestly, you can’t do much with that. It won’t even scale up without pixelating.

  5. It’s bad on the industry. It sets an expectation that logos and branding cost $50. Very unrealistic. Let’s start valuing the creative industry. Branding is a real profession, so let’s respect that. It’s hard work and $50 doesn’t even cover the monthly subscription for the design programs we use!

I understand that businesses have to start somewhere. It may not be financially possible for a start up to invest $1,000+ on their branding before launch. A $50 logo can be a useful temporary placeholder, but please don’t think it should be your final business branding goal.

If you prioritise strong and powerful branding for your business, I highly recommend eventually investing in something a little more customised, engaging and personalised.

What’s more important to you? Something cheap, or something quality?"


To put this simply, Monik is on the money! I explain this to all of my clients in the social media / web design space as well which is why I was thrilled to explore this topic and the importance of it with Mok Creative.

What your customers see your branding as, truly impacts how they perceive your business as a whole. What's the saying; "you pay with peanuts, you get monkeys". Well the same metaphor applies in the digital space. (Not actual Monkeys - We don't need PETA coming after us on this blog) But you get the idea.

So what do you think? Are you ready to invest into a A Grade Branding package?

Reach out to Monik at Mok creative today for your branding needs or send us enquiry of it's a website or content creation that you're after.

Instagram: @mokcreative

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