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Appointment Software

So you are ready to take bookings for your business but you don't know where to start?

Allow us to set up your complete booking system while you focus on the actual client appointments!


Get Timely

If you are in the beauty industry looking for a booking system. Timely is a great platform that allows multiple staff calendars, customisable text and email reminders.



Fresha is also a great booking platform for the beauty industry. The platform is excellent for overlapping appointments, multiple staff calendars, customisable text and email reminders.


Acuity Scheduling

If you are a service based business looking for a simple appointment setup, acuity scheduling is great and easy to use. This platform integrates via a widget with squarespace websites although can be linked to any website as well. 

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We set up your booking system from start to finish including:

  • One calendar or one staff member

  • Up to 10 services including professional copy

  • Email and SMS reminder setup

  • Deposit setup

  • Cancellation policy setup

  • One intake form (if required)

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